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Welcome to ATHENA Erie

ATHENA Erie are dedicated volunteers representing a diverse group of professional men and women committed to supporting the leadership of women and inspiring women to achieve their full business and professional potential.

Our Mission:

"Supporting, developing and honoring women leaders. Inspiring women to achieve their full potential. Creating balance in leadership for the Erie Community."

Our Programs

ATHENA Erie provides four primary programs to the Erie community that we serve: 

  • ATHENA PowerLink®.
  • ATHENA Leadership® Award
  • ATHENA Young Professional Leadership® Award.
  • ATHENA International  Women's Leadership® Day Luncheon.

These programs are founded and developed by ATHENA International and are based upon the concept of the ATHENA Leadership Model®. The ATHENA Leadership Model® is unique in that it focuses on personal traits of strong successful leaders. It captures the spirit and collaborative leadership style often exemplified in women leaders, while also recognizing the importance of traits such as courageous acts and fierce advocacy in the pursuit of excellence.

The ATHENA Leadership Model® tenets include: Authentic Self; Celebration and Joy; Collaboration; Courageous Acts; Fierce Advocacy; Giving Back; Learning and Relationships; and providing a model for 21st Century Leadership.  ATHENA Erie programs are focused on supporting, developing and honoring women leaders in our region.

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